"An Organization for the Active Senior "

Brant Pedalers and Paddlers is a not for profit organization geared to those individuals 55 years and older who are interested in joining with others to actively participate in outdoor and social activities.

Activities are hosted by members in consultation and/or in combination with activity coordinators. At all times we strive to demonstrate respectful environmental and safety practices.

In accordance with seasonal conditions, Brant Pedalers and Paddlers embark upon hikes, walks, paddling, cycling and winter related activities on local and nearby trails and waterways. Activities may vary in terms of level of difficulty and time. Extended day and overnight trips may  also be organized. Pickleball drop-in sessions are made available at both indoor and outdoor court venues.

Full activity descriptions are posted on the website calendar: brantpandp.ca   

Regular newsletter updates also keep members informed.

Our kayak and canoe expeditions are organized for those at the beginner/intermediate level. Water safety and paddling instruction is made available to all paddlers at the beginning of the season and is mandatory for anyone who has not had any instruction. More advanced instructional sessions may also be offered. We attempt to provide our paddling activities at venues where equipment rentals are available.

Bicycle maintenance sessions are offered at the beginning of the season as an optional service to our members.

Members are expected to regularly refer to the calendar to determine the suitability of the activity according to the interest and physical capability. Contact information is always provided. Members may choose to car pool for some of the activities

Activities are scheduled throughout the year primarily during  the week with spring/summer/fall being the busiest. The more members who offer to host an activity, the more options  you have to choose from!

“Join us for fun outdoor activities. Discover new places, make new friends."

For further information contact us at: brantpandp@gmail.com

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We are supported by: THE COUNTY OF BRANT

We are endorsed by: The Paris Seniors Club

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